Monday, August 10, 2009

Amphicars Come to Newburgh

Friday afternoon 10 or 12 of these Amphicars came to Newburgh. They were in Evansville for one of the club's events.

Interesting vehicles. You just drive right in. I looked around the internet to get some more info. These were built from 1961 to 1968, roughly. Around 3 or 4 thousand.

And drive right out. I chatted with a few of the folks. Looks like a fun group. It is hard not to smile when you see one of the cars. Watching them in the water they didn't look all that sea worthy - not much freeboard.

Another shot. They say if you roll up the windows and put up the convertible top they are quite reliable. Allegedly, 2 of them crossed the English Channel in 20 foot seas.

The plan was for them to boat back to Evansville. It must be 8 or 10 river miles. However, the water was high with a lot of debris after the 6 inches of rain in Louisville a few days earlier. This guy dented his rocker panel in the water when he hit a log or something.

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