Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Drive through Southern Indiana

Margot and I and the dog took a drive through Southern Indiana and a bit of Northern Kentucky this afternoon.

Came across the Lincoln boyhood home national monument. Looks interesting. We'll go back with visitors some day when it isn't raining.

I thought this barn was interesting. It is just down the road from where Lincoln won his first court case. He was defending himself against a charge of operating an illegal ferry across the Ohio River. The barn is in Kentucky.

Lots of thistle in Kentucky.

It is pretty despite being a pretty noxious weed.

We came across this scene at the Perry County Courthouse in Tell City, Indiana.

The sun came out for a few minutes.

Albert Hemphill gave his life in the Spanish American war.

Seems like a lot of crosses for such a small county.

I didn't have a chance to talk with this woman. We were discussing Memorial Day with another visitor at the time. I wonder who she thinking about.

Another view.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Scott and Jane are Leaving :-(

Here are Scott and Jane. The cake was excellent.

Lots of great food!

The men's porch.

Lots of food.

There was a lot of food. Did I mention that already?

Great conversation.

Funny, also.

Nice shot of the ladies.

The guys didn't seem interested in posing.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Howell Wetlands - Again

Went back to the Howell Wetlands this past week. Here are a few more pictures.

Red Wing Blackbird

Heron again. Looks like the same one from a week ago.

Aren't these nice looking Canada geese. I did use a faster shutter speed and -1/3 exposure compensation to avoid blowing out the white.

This is a bad sign. Actually I'm sort of rooting for the coyotes. Doubling every year could be trouble.

Marching toward a sidewalk near you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Melanie's Graduation

Here is the graduate.

Family picture.

Entering the arena. The ceremony was held at the Kemper Arena in downtown Kansas City.

Receiving her diploma.

Receiving congratulations.

Hat toss!


One last wave.

The peanut gallery. That is the airhorn section in the back row.

Some family photographs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Howell Wetlands

On my way home from work on Monday I stopped by the Howell Wetlands. It is an interesting place in an interesting location. It is right in the middle of the west side of Evansville. It is the remnants of an old channel of the Ohio river. You can learn more at the following link.

I should figure out what type of ducks these are - other than black and white.

These kids were playing in the swamp. There were a lot of softball games at a nearby park. I suspect they were escapees from there.

Not sure what type of heron or stork this is. I wonder if it might be a juvenile.

Another shot of the stork.

No major photo lessons today other than to reinforce that it is a good idea to stop down a little when shooting at the maximum zoom setting.

I went back a couple of days later and got these 2 shots of a Canada goose cruising around and feeding. I should have used a little faster shutter speed. 1/80 sec wasn't quite fast enough to remove all the subject motion. It was ok from a camera shake perspective. I shot these at f11 and ISO 200 so I had options. Live and learn.

The goose's butt is over exposed, also. Need to dial in a little negative exposure composition to account for the very green scene. No bright sky to average into the exposure. Consequently the metering system left the shutter open a little longer than required for the goose.

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