Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ritan Park and Sunset

Ozark climbing wall at Ritan park in Beijing

A few weeks ago we took a walk down to Ritan park in the late afternoon to see what was going on.

Other than people like us out for a stroll most of the action was at the climbing wall.

Ozark is a Chinese brand. I don't normally think of the Ozarks as a big mountaineering destination but maybe all the cool mountain range names were taken.

This guy scurried right up the wall to this point. He had obviously done this before.

He pulled himself right over the overhang and up to the top.

Climbing isn't for guys only - there were more than a few women there, also.

Yellow rose at Ritan park in Beijing

There were some nice roses in the park.

Ritan means Temple of the Sun. There are 4 ancient parks on the 4 compass points with the Forbidden City in the center. To the south is the most famous - Tiantan or Temple of Heaven which I have written about many times. To the north is Ditan or Temple of Earth. To the west is Yuetan or Temple of the Moon. You can figure out the location of Ritan.

There was a small group of dancers getting some exercise.

This is a pond and pavilion that I have posted pictures of before. See this posts for the scene in spring.

Spring in Beijing
Ritan - Spring 2013

Beautiful sunset in Beijing

We had another beautiful sunset a few weeks after the other one I wrote about.

This is mostly just unusual. Margot had never seen a purple sky so she snapped this picture. The combination of smog and a red sunset turned the sky purple, I guess. This is the color - I didn't change a thing.

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