Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beaches at Alicante, Spain

On Sunday, 2 colleagues and I took a drive to Alicante to see the Mediterranean. Alicante is a fairly big city right on the sea. This shot is from an area a little north of Alicante proper.

Apparently going to the beach is a popular Sunday afternoon past time. In Spain, it seems that most of the stores are closed on Sunday and it is very quiet downtown.

This beach is right near downtown Alicante. These apartment buildings and the road are jammed between the mountain and the sea.

Not so busy here although there were a lot of families having a picnic on the beach. A lot of them looked like they had come for the day.

These two ladies are were just down the beach from the shot above.

Click to enlarge.

Here is a really attentive boyfriend. He seems really concerned that his girl friend has enough suntan lotion on and he making sure she is completely covered.

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  1. My computer said I was too young to look at these pictures. I'll get Janet to open them for me.

    Uncle Chip