Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trip to Beijing and Tianjin

Spent another couple of weeks in China on another project. Here is the China Central Television Building that burned on New Year Day (Chinese New Year). It was caused by a fireworks accident.

This scene is of an older neighborhood near the main business district. These guys are enjoying a plate of noodles for dinner.

I literally just turned around 180 deg and took this picture of the new World Trade Center. The neighborhood is changing rapidly.

Went to the flea market again.

Bought this slide rule. Sold it on eBay for $91.

This picture is from Ancient Culture Street in downtown Tianjin. Some sort of fashion shoot going on.

This is a night scene from downtown Tianjin along the riverfront.

These are some of my Spanish workmates posing along the Hai He river in Tianjin.

This is the hotel where we stayed. The Marriott Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview.

Here is the lake view from the 11th floor. That is downtown Tianjin in the background.

We are back in Beijing now. Went to dinner here one night. Pretty good Lebanese food.

Complete with belly dancers.

Audience participation is encouraged.

This picture is in the lounge at the hotel we stayed in - Kerry Centre Hotel. They brought this band (Big City Beat) in from Australia to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the club.

Pretty rough duty in Beijing. Somehow we made it through.

Family Pictures

Took some family pictures over the last couple of days.

Ed and Nancy.

Ed, Amy, Issac and Allison

I had to do some work on the previous picture.

The ladies.

Allison is into the whole picture thing. She brought along a special outfit. Posing comes naturally to her at age 11.

Here are 4 generations.

Mike really liked Allison's pose. He says this is a big hit on Facebook. Twelve likes on his new profile picture.

 Ed and Emily hanging out while the turkey cooks.

Isaac hanging out, too. This isn't trick photography - he is taller than Dad - almost 6 feet at age 14.

Here is the cook frying the turkey.

A picture of Mike at Bayou Lacombe NWR.

The only bird we saw there


Here are some pictures of Emily from October.

I'm still experimenting on techniques. Not sure this background works very well.

Here Grandma is reading to Emily.

Lunch time

These pictures are from Thanksgiving.

 I think I like the black backdrop best.