Saturday, November 27, 2010

Family Pictures

Took some family pictures over the last couple of days.

Ed and Nancy.

Ed, Amy, Issac and Allison

I had to do some work on the previous picture.

The ladies.

Allison is into the whole picture thing. She brought along a special outfit. Posing comes naturally to her at age 11.

Here are 4 generations.

Mike really liked Allison's pose. He says this is a big hit on Facebook. Twelve likes on his new profile picture.

 Ed and Emily hanging out while the turkey cooks.

Isaac hanging out, too. This isn't trick photography - he is taller than Dad - almost 6 feet at age 14.

Here is the cook frying the turkey.

A picture of Mike at Bayou Lacombe NWR.

The only bird we saw there

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