Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm guessing this is the same hawk that has been hanging around the backyard for awhile. He is attracted to the sparrows that are attracted to the bird feeders.

Only an inch or less of snow yesterday.

Took these through the window. You may see some reflections.

I think we decided he was a probably a Cooper's Hawk. Please correct us if we have it wrong.

The sparrows tend to seek shelter in the honeysuckle vines when this guy appears. They tend to stay still unless he gets too close then they make a dash for freedom.

The other day we saw him grab one from the ground behind the air conditioner. I guess that one made the mistake of moving while he was looking that direction.

He very quickly flew off with the sparrow. Nothing left but some feathers.

Took these pictures today of some of the sparrows in the Honeysuckle vines.

The hawk wasn't around today.

Here are some of them at the feeder. The one on the right looks like he is keeping an eye on the sky.

This House Finch showed up at the feeder today, also.

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