Friday, February 3, 2012

Bird Pictures and Blog Stats

We went for a drive in a reclaimed coal mine area north of Newburgh last week with the camera. Ran across this Short-eared Owl sitting in a tree along the side of the road.

I found the commentary under "Cool Facts" at this link interesting since that is where we spotted this one.
Short-eared Owl

Here are a couple of shots of a Cooper's Hawk looking for dinner.

It was really windy. The birds could almost hover when going into the wind.

We saw 2 flocks of Wild Turkey. Both were about a dozen birds. Here is a male and two females.

Click to enlarge.

If you right-click you can open the picture in another tab.

They are really skittish. The car makes a pretty good blind but as soon at the camera shutter clicked the male started shooing the females away from the road.

I don't know why I added these two. This is taken from the bluff at Rockport, Indiana.

The river is up a little in this picture.

Here is another shot of the river and the bridge over the river.

I just discovered you can get  statistics on your blog. This is a screenshot of the last months worth of data. It shows that the posts I did from Spain 18 months ago are driving the most page views of the blog. Although when I search on or I don't see any links to the blog. The map shows were visitors to the blog originate.

Here is the data from the beginning of the blog. It seems to average about 300 page views a month.

Click to enlarge.

Everybody laughs about the slide rules but the slide rule convention post is the 3rd most popular.

The key word searches are interesting. I don't know why I never see results for the blog. Could just be an element of randomness in the search results.

I never gave much thought that there might be  viewers from Russia or India. A fair amount of Europe traffic.

For all the traffic I get very little feedback. I think about 10 comments since I started 3 years ago.

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  1. visitor stats are nice because it tracks actual interest as opposed to "love ur blog! follow me!!1" comments. i'd be interested to see the rest of the list of search terms that led people here

  2. also, to leave comments, you have to sign in through certain accounts not everyone has (and i don't remember ever making "mutinii" a name for anything)

    -Michael (btw)

  3. Here is the complete lists of search terms that I can see on the stats page.

    fort bravo
    fort bravo 2010
    alicante spain
    bluegrass fish and wildlife area
    lo ultimo fort bravo
    sabic ottawa il
    cartagena spain
    the good the bad and the ugly tabernas
    western movies