Sunday, March 24, 2013

Liulichang and Dazhalan

Calligraphy brushes at Liulichang

A few weeks ago, I took a walk through an area called Liulichang and another called Dazhalan that are close to each other.

Liulichang is known for calligraphy, art and antiques.

These are calligraphy brushes.
Store fronts in Liulichang

The name Liulichang means colored tile factory and was known for the production of ceramic tile for palaces and temples.

The old man seems to be enjoying the sunshine.

Here is another street scene. The area has recently been rebuilt and all the main streets are pretty modern although they tried to keep the feel of the area.
Shadow puppets at Liulichang

These are shadow puppets.

You can learn more about them here.

Shadow Puppets

Lots of shouting as these two kids were wrestling in the street. There didn't seem to be any major hurt feelings when it was over. No idea what it was about.

This is a picture of one of the side streets.
Ruifuxiang store front in Dazhalan or Dashilan

I think this is the store front for Ruifuxiang Silk Store on Dazhalan. It was built in 1893. At the time it was the largest silk store in Beijing.

Here is another picture of the street. It is a very old commercial street.

Take a look at the store front on the left with the red lanterns hanging on either side of the door.

The picture below is of the same stores.
A 1928 picture of Dazhalan or Dashilan

One of the stores had this picture in the lobby. It was taken in 1928.

Notice the rickshaws on the street.

This is a diorama of a silk store in times past. I need to ask some of my Chinese friends to interpret the writing at the top of the shelves. I think one of them means don't ask about price - the quoted one is fair.

This store has a wrought iron front.

This is the paifang or gate at the entrance to Qianmen Street at the southern end of Tian'anmen Square.

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  1. Nice pics.Very informative to get a close up view of out of the way areas and places. I was particularly impressed with the mass of wiring in the 6th pic. I hope somebody has a diagram in case there is a problem. Keep em coming!

    Uncle Chip