Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dong Dan Park

Dancer in Dongdan Park in Beijing

A couple of weeks ago Margot and I took a walk through Dongdan Park on Sunday afternoon. It is very near our apartment. The park is one of the smallest in Beijing and is located in what was the Foreign Legation area prior to WW2.

You might not be surprised after looking at this picture that the park has developed a reputation as a gay pick up spot in Beijing. There were a couple groups of line dancers in the park. This was the largest and most organized.
Line dancers in Dongdan Park in Beijing

Looked like most people were there for exercise. Judging from the t-shirts there seemed to be a couple of groups there participating.

I was pretty impressed that the woman in red could dance in those shoes.

There were few families there but by Margot's estimate there was definitely a surplus of men compared to the other parks we have visited.

We saw this couple in several locations taking portrait shots.
Gay advertisement in  Dongdan Park in Beijing

I didn't notice the art work on this rock when I first took the shot. I was more interested in deciphering the words to see if the rumors of the park's reputation were true. I still don't know what it says but I think the art work says all that is necessary.

After we left the park we crossed the street and walked though an old neighborhood. It is amazing to me that scenes like this are only half a block from the huge government buildings and hotels on Chang An avenue.

Not sure where these guys were headed. This neighborhood is in between the embassy area and the Tian'anmen Square area where you see these guys most often.

I mentioned awhile back that these guys seemed to have a humor-ectomy when they join. See comments here and here. No change.

Not sure what was going on but judging by the hands it is some sort of giveaway. That looks like a cell phone logo.
Beijing Railway Station

We ended up at the Beijing Railway Station. I've never been inside but the place is huge. There is a huge square outside filled with people arriving and departing Beijing.
Chinese Women and Children Museum in Beijing

On the way back home we stumbled onto the Chinese Museum of Women and Children. There are a lot of museums in Beijing for all sorts of subjects.

We didn't go in - it was too late in the day. Interesting architecture, though.

This is a view of Dongdan Park from the pedestrian overpass. It is the small green hill. 

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