Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catching Up - Pittsburgh Heinz History Center

Heinz History Center or Museum

Finally catching up on the last of the pictures from our trip back to the U.S. in May.

These pictures are from the Heinz History Center in downtown Pittsburgh.
Street car at the Heinz History Museum

The place is located in an old Heinz factory. The building construction is interesting on its own. See the picture above. The museum contains a wide selection of material all related to Pittsburgh in one way or another.
Heinz wagon at the Heinz History Museum

This, of course, reflects the history of Heinz but company history is a pretty small part of the overall content.
Stainless steel car at the Heinz History Museum

This display pays homage to Pittsburgh's history as a steel and specialty steel manufacturing hub. This car was made out of stainless steel to promote the non-rusting nature of the material.
Thacher slide rule at the Heinz History Museum

I had to include this. This is a Thacher slide rule. Apparently Edwin Thacher was was from Pittsburgh. This one was made in about 1890.

There is a lot of interesting stuff that people have donated. This is a scale model locomotive built by a hobbyist worked at a factory in Pittsburgh.

This is a fancy espresso machine from a hotel.

I was under the impression that this sort of coffee was a new invention.  I guess not.

Anyway the museum is highly recommended if you are ever in Pittsburgh.
Pennsylvania Railroad Fruit Auction and Sales Building

This last picture is not of the museum. It is the former wholesale fruit market in the commercial/industrial area of Pittsburgh. Apparently produce would be shipped in from the east coast by rail and then distributed over a wide area by truck. I was amazed at how long this building was. Click to enlarge.

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