Sunday, October 27, 2013

Military Museum

A few weeks ago I visited the Military Museum in Beijing. It is about 9 or 10 subway stops down line 1.

One of my Spanish colleagues mentioned it a couple of years ago and I hadn't gotten around to visiting it. Turns out I should have gone a couple of years ago - the main building is closed for renovations. Notice the scaffolding and green netting in the upper left of this picture.

They have pretty big collection of large items in outside pavilions. I'm not sure if this stuff was moved outside because of the renovation or if it is normally displayed there.

All sorts of stuff from all branches of the military.
M26 Pershing Medium Tank at the Beijing Military Musuem

There is a surprising amount of U.S. military equipment on display. I imagine most of this is either stuff the the U.S. gave the Nationalists during the civil war with the Communists or it is stuff from WW2 when all three parties were fighting against the Japanese.

This is some sort of self propelled gun.
Italian CV33 Light Scout Tank and Canadian Flame Tank at the China Military Museum

This is the smallest tracked military vehicle I have ever seen. It is an Italian scout tank. The larger one on the left is a Canadian flame tank.

Some sort of anti-aircraft cannon.

A torpedo boat.
MiG-15 at the Beijing Military Museum

This is a Russian MiG 15.

More info here ---> MiG-15

I'm not sure if this one is Russian or Chinese made.

Several statues depicting the People's Liberation Army helping the citizens. There is a lot of truth to this. The PLA seemed to generate good feelings during the revolution, especially when compared to the KMT army.

Here a soldier helps a farmer.

Don't get me wrong - the PLA could be quite ruthless. The Siege of Changchun has been compared (unfavorably) to Nagasaki in terms of civilian deaths.

Siege of Changchun

This is some sort of shore defense cannon, I believe.

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