Friday, July 18, 2014

Forbidden City with Mom and Melanie

Here are the last pictures from Mom and Melanie's trip to Beijing. On this day they, along with Margot, visited the Forbidden City.

Margot took all these pictures. I wasn't there. I had returned to Tianjin for work.

This is one of the huge carved stone slabs set in the steps going up to the halls. These are made from one solid slab.

Click to enlarge.

It looks like everyone had a good time.

This is one of the lions you see in front of many buildings. The female one is usually on the left when facing the door. They will all have a baby lion under their paw.

Here is another of the stone carvings. Some of these were moved from the quarry during winter over ice covered roads.

They visited on a weekday. Highly recommended. The crowds are definitely smaller.

Not sure what they are looking at.

This is one of the halls. The characters on the sign board say zhongzheng ren he.  Something like fair, benevolent and gentle. Check out the ceiling.

The man chatting with Mom is Wu Lei. He is a tour guide that we meet 7 years ago the first time we were here. We call him whenever we want to go to the Great Wall, etc. If you need a tour guide in Beijing let me know and I'll give you his email and phone number.

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