Monday, November 10, 2014

Tianjin Yinhe Park

The pictures are from the city of Tianjin. I spend 4 nights a week in Tianjin working on the project there. I took this from the window of the apartment/hotel I stay in there. The building in the foreground is a museum.

This the Tianjin Grand Theatre. This is were we saw Swan Lake a year ago.

Swan Lake

I walked across Yinhe Park to the Galaxy Mall to get some dinner. I had to look it up but Yinhe means Milky Way. Now I know where Galaxy Mall got its name.

The lattice-like structure is just a decoration. The structure to the left is the Tianjin TV tower. It seems like all large cities in China have one of these.

This is the inside of the mall. It is quite modern. All sorts of luxury brand shops, local brands,  foreign brands, dozens of restaurants, a skating rink, movie theater, etc.

After dinner, actually about 7:30, the park fills with thousands of residents. These dama, or aunties, are engaging in a very popular activity. I imagine there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dancers in parks around China every evening. It is very popular and has even resulted in some social conflict because the loud music can disturb non-dancers. No problem here, the park is huge and actually hosts 3 or 4 groups of dancers.

In addition to the dancers, there are folks doing calligraphy in water on the paving, in-line skaters, walkers, strollers, etc. On a summer evening there are thousands of people out.

This picture is looking across the lake toward the Galaxy Mall. There is a huge fountain in the middle of the lake. I'll get some pictures of it one of these days.

Here is the nighttime view from my room.

They are hard to see but the colored lights in the sky are kites with LED lights on them.

Click to enlarge.

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