Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas 2014 in Arkansas

Here for the record are from left, Nancy Savage, Susan Inich and Greg Brue at our house on Christmas Eve.

Melanie Wall never takes a bad picture. Sometime she screws them up with Instagram but that's another story.

Tom and Misheil Savage.

From left, Tom Savage, Misheil Savage, Theresa Brue, Greg Brue, Margot Savage, David Brue, Nancy Savage, Melanie Wall and Susan Inich. Dinner was after the 5:00 PM church service.

Here we are late Christmas morning at Greg and Theresa's house. Misheil is all choked up about the birdhouse in the form of their actual home that Greg made for her.

Greg, David and Theresa Brue.

Bob and Sue Inich.

Greg and Theresa with granddaughter Abigail Brue.

A few days after Christmas our grandchildren came to visit. Their parents tagged along, too.

Our granddaughter Emily Bloss with her Flutterbye Flying Fairy. Actually a pretty cool toy.

Fortunately, we didn't have an incident like this one. Flutterbye bye-bye

Lauren Bloss and Emily contemplating how to keep track of all the Lego pieces.

Mike Bloss and Ben figuring out how to put the train together.

The next day the 2nd cousins all went to  Little Giggles.

I'm thinking Gogo isn't offering enough supervision.

Ben is enjoying it.

They had a lot of fun together.

Brandon Dye and Alyssa Wall came to visit, also, but I messed up and didn't get a picture. Same with Stacy and Jason Brue. Sorry, next time.

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