Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beijing Construction Update

I have posted some pictures in the past of the construction taking place outside our apartment.

This is what our view looked like in July 2014.

This is the scene in the middle of November.

This is from December 8.

This is January 11.

This is January 31.

As you can see our view of the Penis Building is gone forever. If you are new to the blog or missed it you can catch up here ---> Penis Building

This picture is from back on November 1st when they were just getting out of the ground and starting to put up the exoskeleton of steel.

The blue crane on the right is the jack-up type. As the building gets taller they add sections just below the boom and cab.

The other day they were adding sections so I took a series of photos of the operation. Here they have one section hanging from a trolley ready to slide into place and another hanging from the crane boom.

Here you can see that the cab and boom has been jacked up so that the piece on the trolley can be slide into place.

Actually they need to go up another foot or two to make room. The guys on the platform on the left are working the jacks.

Click to enlarge.

In this shot the new piece is starting to be slid into place.

Here it is almost all the way in.

It is all the way in and it is being bolted into place.

In a few minutes they will start the process over again for the piece hanging in the air.

Total elapsed time for these 5 photographs was about 42 minutes.

Here is an earlier posting on construction activity in the area. Construction Activity

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