Saturday, April 18, 2015

Beijing's Ritan Park

About a month ago we had a beautiful, blue sky day so we took a walk down to Ritan Park to get some exercise.

We stumbled onto 9th Chaoyang Culture Festival.

This guy is running a xīyáng jìng (西洋镜)  or lā yángpiān (拉 洋片)  or old fashion peep show. The customers look through the eye holes and the guy flips through pictures as he sings the narrative.

This is story seems to be about the Monkey King's Journey to the West judging by the picture. Looks like it costs 20 RMB or about $3.25.

There were a lot of vendors lined up along the courtyard selling various crafts.

I thought this one was interesting. All these figures are made from folded palm fronds.

Click to enlarge.

There were a few vendors running some sort of promotion. This ladies were participating in bean bag tossing contest of some sort.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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