Monday, June 8, 2009

Hovey Lake and Howell Wetlands

Saturday was a pretty nice day here so Jacques, Margot and I took a drive out to the Hovey Lake wildlife management area in Indiana. If Indiana is shaped like a boot, this area is the big toe. See attached map. Actually we didn't see much wildlife.

We did spot this Red Headed Woodpecker.

We went down to the boat ramp at the end of the road. I thought this coal loading facility near Uniontown, Ky was interesting. It is at the end of a 10 to 15 mile long conveyor. You can follow the conveyor backwards on the map if you are really bored.

If Hovey Lake is the big toe, we took this picture on the road at the edge of the toenail. The road follows along the edge of what used to be a bend in the Wabash River. Now it is a wetlands/slough.

On the way back to town, we stopped by Howell Wetlands to show it to Margot and the dog. I've posted pictures from there before. Margot spotted these birds in the tree tops. We are pretty sure they are Cedar Waxwings.

Personally, I'm tired of Canada Goose pictures but Margot thought they were pretty cool. The new lens does take better pictures at these distances, too. So if you were always hoping for a better look at one of these, here you go.

I'm thinking this is the same Great Blue Heron I've posted before. I thought the setting was nice though.

After a few minutes he flew 30 yards over to this spot.

He walked around for a few minutes and then ...

POW! He speared this little fish.

Not sure exactly how he maneuvered it around, but in a minute he swallowed it whole.

Hovey Lake is to the east of Highway 69.

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