Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunset and Backyard

Just some pictures from around the backyard. These lilies survived the rabbit attack a couple of weeks ago. Several others weren't so lucky.

Today is the day to update this caption. Thanks Mom and Dad. This is a hydrangea bush. It looked very nice until last night. The inch + of rain must have made the flowers too heavy. It is all collapsed now. Anyway it was a big bush with lots of blooms.

This clematis is doing better now that it has a proper trellis to wind around.

This couple was snacking on thistle seed. I set the camera up outside near the kitchen windows. I focused it on the bird feeder and set to remote operation. I went inside and used the remote to trigger the shutter. The remote is a little infra-red device but it would not go through the window and solar film. I had to crack the window open to get it to operate.

These are actually in the front yard by the sidewalk to the front door.

This is the sunset Monday night. I took these about 8:10 PM so it should have been pretty dark. I can't figure out what the cloud formation was that would reflect this light back down. It was really dramatic.

A continuing view more to the northwest. The previous picture was more or less due west.

In case there were any doubters. The postings a few days ago about the eagles really are eagles. I went back on Sunday afternoon to see if there was any action in the nest. The two eaglets were bobbing around in the nest but made a pretty boring picture. This guy was hanging out nearby.

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