Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Around Newburgh and the Evansville Zoo

Here is Margot at the Newburgh farmer's market a couple of weeks ago. Actually, the pickins were pretty slim at the market. Maybe a little later in the season will be better.

I've got to convince Margot to stop issuing instructions and just smile when the camera goes up. Seems like I catch her talking frequently.

I just noticed that if you click to enlarge any of the photos you will see a tiny camera in the lower right of the picture. Click the camera and you can see all EXIF data which gives you the camera settings for the picture.

Lots of commerce on the Ohio River.

The river is back within its banks. The flood waters receded pretty quickly once it stopped raining.

On Saturday, Margot and I visited the Evansville Zoo.

It is pretty nice for a smaller city zoo.

Regarding the EXIF data - for most of these I have the camera set on auto ISO with a minimum shutter speed of 1/400 sec and max ISO of 1600.

This is a porcupine in the Amazonia exhibit. This exhibit is brand new and pretty well done.

What that means is that the camera sensitivity will increase up to 1600 if the metered shutter speed is slower than 1/400 sec.

Some sort of ibis.

At 1600 and below the noise is low - very difficult to see at these picture sizes. At 1/400 sec shutter speed there is no need to worry about camera shake at the lens focal lengths I'm using.

Pretty flowers. Click to enlarge.

A poor picture of an interesting bird.

An interesting plant.

Some sort of duck.

A tapir.

I'm not sure what these birds are. Spoonbill somethings is my guess.

A couple more.

From here on we are back outside, away from the Amazonia exhibit.

Some sort of large water plant.

A small North America exhibit. Here is a prairie dog.

Couple of the African animals.

Peacocks all over the place.

A couple of cranes on their nest.

I thought there were pretty. Margot pointed out that they aren't very exotic. We even have some in our yard.

Some sort of tortoise. It is pretty big. At least a foot long.

A black and white bird.

Another bird in the same setting. I should have paid more attention to the species.

Another less social bird.

No way to get a clean picture of this guy as he was eating dinner - the bars are too close together.

I did get a picture of the sign for this guy. He is a Sarus crane. The Sarus crane represents a faithful marriage in Asia. He is pretty good sized. - 4 or 5 ft tall.

OK. Here is a test. What animal do these feet belong to?

Only one claw - I thought that was interesting.

It is not the emu.

The feet belong to the ostrich.

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