Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4th Fireworks - Newburgh, Indiana

We took in the Newburgh fireworks Monday evening.

They were originally scheduled for Sunday but we got a couple of inches of rain late in the afternoon.

Not much to say about them. Enjoy.

Click to enlarge.

Most of these were taken at ISO 100, F11, and 8 or 10 sec exposure time.

I used a tripod to hold the camera steady.

I had a lot better luck this year. Thanks to the on-line advice I found, I set the focus to manual and adjusted it to approximately the hyper-focal distance.

Last year I set the focus to infinity. They were all a little blurry.

With the lens zoomed to 29mm focal length and F11 the hyper-focal distance was about 12.3 ft. With the focus set at that diatance everything from about 11.7 ft to infinity was in focus.

Depth of Field Calculator

If you haven't been bored to death yet, there are only a few pictures left and no more commentary.

One of my favorites.

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