Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lama Temple in Beijing

I spent a week in China right after the reunion/birthday party.

Over the weekend I visited the Lama Temple.

It is an old Buddhist temple. Really a series of temples.

Notice the incense smoke in the lower right.

Not sure who this is.

This is a Tibetan Buddhist temple.

It is over 300 years old.

Many people were there offering prayers and burning incense.

 A pile of incense sticks after prayers.

This guy was in a shop outside the temple. I think he was offering to tell your fortune or maybe be a spiritual guide.

Here is a fruit market in the hutong near the temple.

The next week we had a series of meetings in Tianjin.

After a nice dinner we went for a cruise on the Hai He.

There are a number of bridges as you might guess for a city bisected by a river.

They all  have interesting designs.

Tianjin has a completely different feel than Beijing.

Lots of interesting architecture - much more modern.

I don't think this building is finished, yet.

We drifted in the river for 20 minutes after the boat ran out of gas.

We continued the cruise after a speedboat showed up with a spare tank.

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