Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Reunion and Birthday Party

Recently spent 6 days in Arkansas to celebrate my father's 80th birthday.

Here he blows out the candles.

It was also a family reunion. Here are Lauren and Emily.

Lauren, Emily and Mike.

Margot and me.

Friend, Mom, friend and Dad.

Uncle Jay, Sidne and Scott

Me, Nancy, Bill, Theresa, Sue and Martin. All cousins to each other.

Aunt Janet (Dad's sister) and Uncle Chip and extended family.

Tom, Theresa, Sue, Sidne and Scott - more cousins.

Uncle Jay and his extended family.

Mom and Dad and their extended family.

Aunt Janet and Uncle Chip.

Greg, Melanie and Emily.

Greg and Theresa pulled their boat down from Illinois. They arrived late after dealing with 2 blown out tires.

That's Courtney and Martin enjoying a leisurely cruise.

Some of the boating was a little more active. That is Tom being ejected from the tube.

That's me water skiing. It had been awhile for me. Pretty worn out after just a few minutes.

That's Mike flying through the air over the tube that is flying through the air over the water.

Tom and Misheil seem to be having fun.

Here is Mike taking a spill.

Even Jacques went for a boat ride.

These carp were looking for a handout at the boat dock.

Emily enjoyed her first boat ride.

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