Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eagles at Gentry, Arkansas

During our visit to Arkansas we took a trip out to Gentry to see some Bald Eagles that are wintering in the area.

According to a local photographer at the viewing platform the eagles are supplementing their diet with dead chickens thrown out by the local chicken farmers.

They are hanging out at a power plant cooling lake.

Here is a link to Google Maps if you are interested in the location.

Google Maps Link

Zoom out - all the long silver buildings are chicken farms.

It was really windy. We saw 2 eagles at one time but they weren't hanging out much.

There were some gulls and ducks around.

This one just took off after diving into the water. You can see a few water droplets falling off as he takes off.

Click to enlarge.

Here the gull has a fish in its mouth.

Almost looks like too much to swallow.

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