Sunday, January 22, 2012

McAlester, Oklahoma

In conjunction with our trip to Arkansas we went to McAlester, OK for a memorial service for my step-aunt Mary Frances Edwards - more on that later.

As you get to the exit ramp for McAlester this is what you see. So cliche for Oklahoma and disorienting at the same time. No fence or anything between you and the cattle.

Here is the front view.

They are sculptures commissioned as a memorial to a local rancher.

It is right on the highway. You can see them in Google Maps.

These next 2 pictures put the sculpture in perspective with the highway.

At 60 MPH they look pretty damn life-like. They really startled me when I saw them for the first time.

This plaque explains it all.

Back the visit. Here is a picture of the house my Savage grand-parents lived in while I was growing up at 519 East Adams. The porch has been closed in and all the landscaping removed. I think it looked better before.

Didn't get a picture of my mother's parents home although we did drive by.

Here's a picture of 519 East Adams the way I remember it.

Thanks, Theresa, for finding this and securing permission to post this from  Barbara Francis Minton who posted it on Facebook.

My great grand-parents lived in this house on Jefferson directly behind the Adams house.

The rocks are a lot smaller now - or maybe my perspective has changed. I remember more of a cliff.

This is the T. H. Savage Memorial Stadium in McAlester. That is my great grand-father - not me.

The plaque.

I didn't get any picture of at the memorial service but here are a few at the Isle of Capri restaurant in Krebs. My parents Hal and Nancy Savage (closest) and my aunt and uncle Chip and Janet Daniel.

Here are more of the out of town guests and friends.

That is Mary Frances's husband Dana Snodgress in the plaid shirt sort of in the middle.

Here is a link to Mary Frances's obituary.
MFE Obituary
Don't know how long the link will work.

Another shot.

Yet another.

From left to right, Greg and Theresa Brue, Bob and Sue Inich and Margot Savage.

As far as I know, Greg was the only person to wimp out on the lamb fries.

Here is a cat resting on the hood of a car at the Ervin's home after the service.

The rest of this post will have no interest for anyone except maybe immediate family. I include these pictures just to get them in the record - so to speak. Maybe someday they might help someone locate a grave site.

From left Greg Brue, Janet Daniel, Sue Inich, Bob Inich, Chip Daniel, Theresa Brue, Margot Savage.

My grandmother Myra Savage Edwards.

My uncle Martin Royce Savage.

My grandfather M.T. Savage.

Theresa and Sue.

My great grandparents Mattie Jones Savage and Thomas Halsell Savage.

My father's aunt and uncle Virgie Mae Savage and Martin Turner Savage.

General location in the cemetery.

My step-grandfather William J. Edwards.

His first wife Maxine T. Edwards

William J. Edward's father William R. Edwards.

William J. Edward's mother Ione F. Edwards

My  great grandmother Theresa Struble's brother and his wife: Warren Potter Allen and Gretchen Bacon Allen

My great great grandmother Myra Austin Allen

My great great grandfather Eben N. Allen.

My great grandparents Howard G. Struble and Theresa Allen Struble.

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