Monday, June 4, 2012

Evansville Shriner Car Show

picture of 1969 Camaro SS 427

Margot and I went down the Hadi Shriners car show on Saturday. Not too hot and lots of brightly colored cars.

The first one we walked up to turned out to be owned by Dave Hillenbrand, a friend from work. It is a 1969 Camaro SS 427. Just beautiful.

picture of 1969 Camaro SS 427 engine

Here is a shot of the engine.

Click to enlarge.

There were quite a few cars there of all shapes and sizes. The event was held along the waterfront right downtown.

I love the colors. It is obvious a lot of attention is paid the engines and interiors but the paint is what I find amazing. These cars never looked so good coming off the assembly line.
Picture of Firebird

This Firebird looked really sharp.

You have to love the Corvette.

I wish I had paid more attention to what model year each car was from.
picture 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88

There were a few trucks. That is a 57 Oldsmobile Super 88 behind it.
picture of 1931 Model A

This is a 1931 Model A.

picture of Chevy Chevette and Ford Pinto

Even car collectors have a sense of humor.

Here are two of America's finest. A white Chevy Chevette and a yellow Pinto.

I thought these had all rusted away.

I don't think this Chevy came from the factory with the supercharger - but I could be mistaken.
picture of supercharger

Here is a close-up of the engine. Yes, that's a hole in the hood for the engine.

Click to enlarge.

This engine from a Model A was significantly simpler and less powerful.

By the way, Margot was able to successfully identify the spark plugs on this engine.

By the end of the day she do the same on most of the engines.

picture of Pontiac GTO

A Pontiac GTO.

The classic flame pattern.

The Jeep is appropriately placed in front of the Four Freedoms Monument.

This a 1942 Ford version.

A close up of the radio in the Jeep.

picture of Studebaker President

This a Studebaker President. I don't remember the year.

I thought the colors in this shot were nice.

I don't guess I'm crazy about the blue but the car was nicely restored.

It has a drive-in theme working.

A very nice Corvette.

A very sharp Barracuda.

Not sure what this is or was, exactly.
picture of 1948 Plymouth

This is a 1948 Plymouth.

Some little travel trailers represented.

This guy definitely has a sense of humor.

Can you find Mr. Bill?  Oh no, Mr. Bill!

Click to enlarge.

I guess you can drive it.

Click to observe how the hood is held open.

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