Sunday, June 24, 2012

Murcia, Spain - Santuario de La Fuensanta, Again

Sanctuary of the Virgin of la Fuensanta at Murcia, Spain

I posted some pictures from Santuario de La Fuensanta a couple of months ago. I took a drive out to the church after work a couple of days this week and tried to get a few shots from different perspectives.

This shot is actually similar to one from last month put I thought the light was very nice in this one.

Click any picture to enlarge it.

This is a little niche that I presume at one time or on special occasions receives a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The air was pretty clear this day. This is a shot of the suburbs of Murcia looking east.

picture of the convent and Sanctuary of the Virgin of la Fuensanta

A wider shot similar to the one above.

Here a few shots from below the church.

I presume that the winding path leading up to the church has a series of spiritually significant stops. Perhaps a sort of stations of the cross?

Here is a more specific view of part of the path.

This fountain had water going into it but the pool was empty.

Click to enlarge.

Can anyone decipher the Roman numeral date?

Up above the church is a parc ecologic - I'm assuming that is a nature park. Anyway the road winds way up the mountain and along for some distance.

Beautiful views of the valley and interesting rock formations.

Link to April Pictures

Flag Counters - I've picked up visitors from 4 more countries recently - Cyprus, Bangladesh, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Still missing 5 states - North Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico and Vermont -although I did add a visitor from Washington, D.C.

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