Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rogers, Arkansas and Crystal Bridges

The tortoise of "Tortoise and Hare" sculpture by Nancy Schön

Mom, Margot, and I took a walk at Crystal Bridges one nice afternoon while we were in Rogers.

This is one half of Tortoise and Hare by Nancy Schön near the back entrance of the museum.

The hare of "Tortoise and Hare" sculpture by Nancy Schön

This is, of course, the other half of the sculpture. These are on one of the walking paths at the museum.

It is a very pleasant walk from downtown Bentonville to the museum.
Roxy Paine's "Yield" at Crystal Bridges in Bentonville Arkansas

This is Roxy Paine's Yield. It is displayed at the main entrance to the museum.

I encourage everyone to visit the museum if you have the chance. It is pretty remarkable - especially when you consider its location. Bentonville isn't exact New York or L.A. or Chicago.

LA Times Article

Here is a shot of part of the museum from the trail just a little ways past the tortoise.

Here is an earlier post with some pictures of the art work inside.

Crystal Bridges
Crystal Bridges from the north lawn

This is the view from the north lawn of the museum.

Did I mention the price of admission?

Zero, nada, nothing - thanks to a grant from the Walmart foundation.

Another view from the west side on the walking trail.
Nancy P. Savage and Margot E. Savage

Mom and Margot.
Nancy P. Savage and Thomas H. Savage

Mom and me.

I have to give this dad credit. He was rolling down the hill with his daughters. They were having a great time.

This little ice rink is in near downtown Bentonville.

Someone has done a nice job fixing up this old house just down the street from the ice rink.

Back in Rogers, we see this guy in the yard next door to Mom's house.

The car makes a very effective blind. Margot just  rolled down the window and took these pictures of the deer.

He had several buddies with him.

They seemed to be grazing for acorns.

Click to enlarge.

A view of the lake from the front porch. The lake level is down quite a bit.

If you click to enlarge you may be able to spot some kayaks in middle of the lake.

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  1. Nice tour of Crystal Bridges and Bentonville.We've heard from your mother a couple of times since we were there-she sounds good.

    Uncle Chip