Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hong Kong Seafood Dinner

Still catching up on postings.

We went to a team dinner one night. An incredible array of seafood.

The restaurant was in a neighborhood called Sai Kung.

Fish in tanks at Chuen Kee seafood in Hong Kong

As with most places in Asia the seafood is really fresh - alive before you pick it out.

The animal on the bottom to the left of the green bottles is geoduck. I had never heard of these but they are from the Pacific Northwest.  Geoduck

You make your choice and they net it out of the tank and send it to the kitchen.

crabs at Chuen Kee seafood in Hong Kong

It was crab season in China.

They ladies in white shirts consult about what you want, whats good, etc.

Your choices are gathered up in baskets and bags.

I guess you can tell something about the freshness of that giant prawn by the insides. Either that or it is cut in half so you can have a smaller portion.

A shot of the tanks.

Here a colleague is pouring bai jiu or white liquor. It is very popular in China.

The prepared dishes were nicely presented.

A group shot of the team and spouses.

Chuen Kee seafood in Hong Kong

The outside of the restaurant.

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