Monday, June 24, 2013

Pittsburgh Day 1 - Baseball

Primanti Brothers restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Our visit to Pittsburgh to visit with Michael and Amanda started with dinner at this Pittsburgh classic - the Primanti Bros.

Here they serve the french fries on burger - between the meat and the bun.

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Pittsburgh skyline from PNC Park in PIttsburgh

On game days this bridge becomes  pedestrians only. This shot is looking back across the Allegheny River from the stadium toward downtown.

We bought our tickets a few minutes before the game started. It was a very nice evening and there was a pretty good sized crowd so we ended up in the upper deck well down the third base line.

This guy  was safe by a mile.

This guy was out by two miles.

This was maybe the most exciting play of the game.

As you can see he beat the ball handily. However, if you click on the picture you can see that he might have missed home plate on his slide.

He was called safe.

Here is Johnny Cueto, the Cincinnati pitcher. I thought I should include a picture of him since he pitched a one hitter through 8 innings.
Pittsburgh skyline from the upper deck in PNC Park

Here is another shot of downtown from the upper deck.

The game was kind of disappointing from the Pirates fan point of view. These characters tried to keep the crowd entertained between innings.

Here the ground crew cleans up. I guess the guy changed out second base with a clean one.

Here is the night time view. Notice the river boat passing by.

This is the stadium after we walked back over the bridge to get to the parking garage.

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