Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Peking Union Medical College and a cry for help

Peking Union Medical College in Beijing

The other day we took a walk across the street to the Peking Union Medical College. I posted some info about this last September when we moved into our apartment. The 2nd and last photo at this link are the view of the College from our apartment. -- > Click Here
Main Entrance to Peking Union Medical College in Beijing

We had walked by this place many times but had never stopped in to look around.

Here is a link to more info.
Peking Union Medical College

About the cry for help.

Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, China

I was looking at the Flag Counter stats recently. (On the right side of the posting with all the flags.) Over the last year or so I have had visitors to the blog from 114 different countries and 49 states. The most recent countries are Cambodia, Oman, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Uzbekistan and Cuba.

However, no one from North Dakota has ever visited the blog. What the heck are people doing up there? They must not be surfing the internet. Or they are surfing a different type of site. Anyway, I'd really like to complete the list of states. I don't know why the last state is driving me nuts, but it is.

If you know someone in North Dakota, please forward a link to the blog to them. I'd appreciate it.

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