Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arrival In Beijing and Millennium Heights Apartment

We arrived in Beijing late Sunday night. We checked in to the Hyatt hotel next door to our apartment about midnight. We awoke (early) to bright sunshine and a blue sky.

Here is the view out our apartment window. The green roofs are the Peking Union Medical College.

What is all this talk about air pollution in China?

Peking Union Medical College

Here are a few shots of the inside of our apartment. This is looking more or less from the front door.

The official name of the apartments is The Tower Apartments at Oriental Plaza. We are in Millennium Heights block.

Here is a shot of the master bedroom.

This link will take you the location in google maps. Our apartment building is at the G in the Grand Hyatt label.

Apartment Location

This is looking from the end of the sofa toward the office/3rd bedroom.

Click to enlarge.

The shot is from the windows looking toward the front door. The bottled water dispenser has since moved to the kitchen/laundry area. You can see some of the 8 suitcases we brought with us lined up along the left wall.

This shot is looking in the kitchen door.

There is a full size oven and dishwasher but no drawers.

This laundry/pantry area is to the left of the stove in the shot above.

Here is a shot out the window of the apartment in the late afternoon as the sun is getting low on the horizon.

The Peking Union Medical College dates to 1906. The Presbyterian Church had a role in its founding.

Peking Union Medical College

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