Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shopping Mall or Art Museum?

A month or so ago we took a walk to visit Parkview Green shopping mall about a mile from our apartment. Margot had been there before I was quite surprised.

The place is full of modern art from Chinese and Western artists. Some of it is quite quirky.

The architecture is very interesting, also. The building has a sort of triangular shape. See this link for info about the architecture. Parkview Green

The mall has the largest private collection of work by Salvador Dali outside of Barcelona.

Here is another Dali.

I don't know who created this. There is a coffee shop on the second level under Marilyn's legs.

Check out this sculpture carefully. I guess it is an anti-war or anti-gun concept.

This is called "The Walkers". They are walking in both directions at the same time. These last 2 are on the top floor in a gallery up there.

This is the view from the gallery level. This is a mixed use building with office space and a hotel in addition to the mall.

Here is another link to information about the building's energy conservation concepts. Brochure

This is obviously Michelangelo's Genesis revisited.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to represent. Maybe the common people surrendering to Wall Street?

Whale or submarine? Click to enlarge.

Most of shops are high end. I didn't get a picture of the Tesla auto display. I think you can buy (or reserve) one there.

Some of the art is a little cheeky. Maybe this is a Wall Street theme again?

This sculpture was revolving in the center of the largest revolving door I have ever seen. Tough to get a picture with all the reflections.

The art continues outside.

These are wolves surrounding the guy with the sword. This is a huge outdoor sculpture.

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