Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring has arrived in Beijing

Spring as arrived in Beijing! Last weekend we took a walk in Ritan Park.

This mother and daughter brought their sketch books and enjoyed the warm sunshine.

It was blue sky day which is a bit unusual.

Getting your picture taken in front of the flowering trees is a national pastime for women of a certain age.

The magnolias were in full bloom.

Margot has been here 18+ months and is beginning to fully embrace the local customs.

Not sure what these are but that is forsythia in the background.

This guy was working this spinning top. Here is a video. It is pretty amazing.

On the way back we encountered this TV cameras on the sidewalk.

Turns out they were across the street from the North Korean embassy. No idea what they were waiting for.

This is part of a small propaganda board outside the embassy. The picture is of Kim Il-sung, grandfather of current dear lead Kim Jong-un.

I didn't know where to put this. There was big promotion at a department store down the street a couple of weeks ago. I imagine this is character from a movie but I have no idea which one.

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