Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beaver Lake in Margot's Kayak

Great Blue Heron on Beaver Lake

This evening I took Margot's new kayak (Happy Birthday!) out on the lake. My objective was to see if I could confirm the location of the Corps of Engineers boundary marker locations on our property in preparation for cutting some trees. That was a bust but I did see this Great Blue Heron.

Here is the general scene where our lot comes down to the lake. It is quite steep and pretty dense vegetation. I did spot one marker on the neighbor's lot so I have a pretty good idea where they are.

Dragonflies on Beaver Lake in Arkansas

I guess this is some sort of dragonfly orgy.

Click to enlarge.

Little Green Heron on Beaver Lake in Arkansas

This Little Green Heron was hanging around the boat dock when I got back.

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