Monday, August 31, 2015

More Wildlife on Beaver Lake

I think these are American cliff swallow nests. Margot spotted them from the kayak as she paddled around an island.

Before we got to the lake we spotted this Cooper's hawk on a neighbor's fence.

Not sure why he (or she) puffed up when we drove by.


So the kayak went for it's first boat ride today. We intended to go a little farther but we end up on the opposite side of the lake near the cove we are on.

Margot paddled around the island behind her while I spend some time cleaning the boat.

Pretty clear to me who had the most fun.

There are a bunch of great blue heron's on the lake - we saw 3 or 4 today.

This turkey vulture was eye-ballin' us from a cliff as we slowly passed by. I'm not sure if they were nesting here or just resting.

That's the island in question with the red arrow.

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