Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 2 in Jobompiche, Guatemala

Tuesday was the first day for the craft projects. Over 200 kids K-6 showed up and had a great time.

Craig and Peggy had recruited some of the mothers to help with the projects. They were shown the projects the day before and were a big help in explaining the instructions in Spanish. Otherwise, there was a lot of pointing and pantomime.

Meanwhile the painting continued.

The diagrams are starting to take shape.

The plan called for a couple of murals or faux painting inside the kitchen building. Here Sue gets started.

Did I mention that horses, pigs, chickens and turkeys routinely wandered through the school yard?

Here we are at lunch time. Notice the chickens walking through the front room.

Notice how the flash lit up the inside of the oven. This illustrates that some things are the same around the world - no difference between Indiana and Guatemala. Anything goes when you need to straighten up before company comes over.

This day we had tamales for lunch. Here they are cooking in the big pot. They were wrapped in banana leaves for cooking.

After lunch we played with the family parrot.

Did I mention that horses were wandering around the school yard? This is the playground, soccer field, basketball court, and assembly/ stage area. Nothing gets in the way of a soccer game. Nothing gets cleaned up, either.

Here is a shot at the end of the day of the building we painted. The benches are used for outdoor classes. The older grades were finishing up their school year the week we were there. Later in the week they were holding class outside. Looked pretty nice. Directly behind the photographer is the lake. A very nice setting.

I mentioned that these carriers were used for carrying firewood. These young boys would take their machetes and home-made carts into the woods and bring back a load at the end of the day.

Here is the hotel in the evening sunset.

Sunset across the lake taken from the hotel restaurant.

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