Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day in Guatemala - Flores

Saturday was our last day in Guatemala. We had a 4:00 PM flight from Flores to Guatemala City and then a connecting flight to Chicago. We slept in an hour - Breakfast at 7:30. Loaded up the luggage in the pick up truck, said goodbye the the hotel staff and headed to the airport. We checked in early and then headed to Flores for souvenir shopping - woo-who!

Flores is a pretty old city built on an island in the lake. It was the last place that the Mayan people held out against the Spanish. The Spanish finally conquered it in 1697. There is still a lot of architecture there from the colonial period. The island portion of the city is very small - you can walk every street in a couple of hours.

Anyway, while the shopping was going on I took some pictures.

Didn't ride in one but the tuk-tuks are everywhere.

I still don't see how they do this.

Be careful. Don't stick you fingers in this one.

Pretty quiet day in Flores.

Down at the lakefront.

Another street. Note the size of the tin roof pieces. They are small because when these buildings were built everything came in by mule from Belize.

One of the shops. Definitely a low overhead place. The owner of this place spoke very good English. He said he learned English hustling souvenirs at Tikal.

I don't want to hear any Americans complaining about the commercialization of Christmas. It might be worse in Guatemala.

Gallo is the local beer brewery.

This is the church at the town square opposite the beer ... I mean Christmas tree.

A view from the town square.

Larry was as interested in shopping as I.

Finally the shopping ended and we went to lunch. Interesting decor in this place. The owner seemed to be a bit of a hippie.

All sorts of decorations to distract you.

Another street scene. I was wrong - there was more shopping to do after lunch.

Here is a shot out the plane window as we were taking off. Jobompiche is more or less in the center of the picture on the far shore of the top lake. The hotel we stayed in is just out of the picture at the top right corner.

Took this picture from the airport boarding area just after we landed in Guatemala City. That is Agua volcano on the left. Antiqua is more or less on the far side.

And that wraps up the pictoral record of our trip to Guatemala.

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