Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday is Painting Day - Jobompiche, Guatemala

The first day was devoted to painting. Our objective was to paint a kitchen building that had been built a few years earlier at the local school. We were also painting some abstract designs in the computer lab building. Yes, they have a computer lab. A dozen or so old IBM desktop computers. Not sure what software they had or how they are used.

Here Diane is presenting a gift the school principal.

Here we are painting the primer on the building. We are painting inside and out. The block was very porous and we ran short on the primer. We reverted to the local primer of water, lime and salt.

It was hot and sunny. Here we are getting some help from a student to redistribute the equipment.

Dehydration was a constant concern. Did I mention it was hot and sunny?

Lots of discussion about laying out the design on the wall of the computer room.

This is a view of the upper grade building. The school is built on a sloping, rocky site next to the lake. Very basic buildings. No air conditioning, open windows with screens, new restroom building with nominally flush toilets, if they are working. Otherwise you bucket water into them to flush.

Here some of us are headed to lunch. It took a couple of trips each day to get us there and back.

I'm not sure who is entertaining who here. This wheel barrow type device is used to carry firewood normally.

A gift for the hostess today.

These turkeys wandered through the yard as we were eating lunch.

These girls were next door. I'm sure they were wondering what the gringos were doing next door.

Getting started on the painting in the computer room.

Fred is almost finished with the whitewash primer.

I didn't see what happened next but I'm pretty sure Larry didn't paint Cheryl's butt. We were able to get started on the final coat on Monday afternoon.

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