Monday, March 8, 2010

Murcia, Spain

Took a business trip to Saudi Arabia and Spain last week. This is the only picture from KSA. This is the lobby of the Intercontinental hotel in Jubail at midnight when I checked out for my flights to Spain.

This is the view out the window of my hotel room in Murcia, Spain just before sunset. It is an old city like most in Europe.

This is a church on a square in downtown Murcia. That is the actual color of the sky. I took this just after sunset when there is still a little light from below the horizon. Got lucky on the timing. This sort of light doesn't last but a few minutes.

This is a view of the old cathedral in Murcia. It is a pretty big place. The following pictures are views from other angles.

Another view of the cathedral. This plaza will be filled with diners when the weather gets a little warmer.

Another view.

This must be the main entrance. The building to the right is the bishop's home.

A closer view.

A street scene with the cathedral in the background.

A small market.

Interesting architecture.

Learn more about the cathedral here.  Cathedral_of_Murcia

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