Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit to Louisiana and Mississippi

Margot and I went to Louisiana to visit Mike and Lauren last weekend. We had a great time. Margot worked on curtains for the nursery and I took pictures. This camellia is in their front yard.

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So is this one. Same bush. Spring is late this year - the trees were just starting to leaf out.

We took a drive along the coast to see how things are doing almost 5 years after the storm. This picture is actually in Louisiana just over the US 90 bridge. What do you think? Does the owner have a sense of humor or am I reading too much into it?

This is a new or rebuilt place in Lakeshore, MS right on the gulf. Notice how high the structures must be built now. Looks sort of funny to me. All Margot could think about was carrying the groceries up all those steps.

A lot of dead trees around. I guess the salt water killed them.

This is an old church along Lower Bay road in Hancock county - not far from the plant. I think it floated over from the other side of the road. Someone has spray painted "Do not remove - historic building" or something like that on it. Not sure what is going to happen to it but I'm sure the termites will get it eventually.

Some people para-surfing at Henderson Point. It was unusally cool for the middle of March in south Mississippi.

The are the shrimp boats in Pass Christian harbor. Not much has been rebuilt in the downtown area other than the harbor.

The next day Lauren and I went to Fort Pike. This place was built after the War of 1812 to provide defenses for New Orleans. Its cannons never fired a shot in anger. Named after the same guy as Pike's Peak in Colorado.

Fort Pike

This estate is across the Rigolets from the fort. It looks like the structure survived the hurricane but I imagine both floors were wiped clean by the high water and waves. The eye of the storm passed more or less directly over it.

Who says you have to have a pickup truck to be a fisherman. A brand new Towncar will work, too.

The boat is along US 90 in Louisiana. Most of the wreakage has been cleaned up. This is the exception rather than the rule.

The is a Great Egret. Lauren took this picture out of the car window on the way back from the fort. A car makes a pretty good blind. Just roll down the window and snap away.

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