Monday, May 17, 2010


Time to catch up on a couple of postings. Back in May we celebrated Mike's graduation from WVU.

B.A. in Geography

A department ceremony.

It was a beautiful day in Morgantown.

Here are a couple of the iconic buildings on campus.

Thought I better include this one after I twisted Mike's arm to pose with the Mountain Man.

William Jefferson Clinton was the guest speaker. A reasonable speech and as far as I could see no untoward behavior with any co-eds.

After the ceremony.

Proud parents.

Proud grandparents.

More proud grandparents.

Margot and I stopped by Clendenin, WV to see what was there.

A relative of Margot's.

The answer to what's there is not much. About 3 blocks wide between the river and the mountain. Maybe a half mile long.

Interesting tidbit.

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