Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Palace, Tanggu, Dagu Chemicals, Temple of Heaven, Kao Rou Ji

Spent another couple of weeks in China. Here are a couple of pictures of the plant as construction progresses.

The white building on the left is part of the plant. The large tanks to the left are in another part of the plant. Pretty hazy most of the time.

Here is a picture inside of one of the buildings. The vessel with the coil on the outside is a reactor. Pump to the right and heat exchangers to the left.

Here are a few pictures of the area between the plant and the hotel. Always something cooking for dinner.

A bicycle tire shop on every corner - it seems like.

Vegetables if you are cooking at home.

They are building an identical bridge right next to this one. The pace of infrastructure investment in China is amazing.

These women are cleaning the expressway. Notice all the trees in the background. China is planting trees along the expressways and the local streets at a furious pace. It will look like Singapore in 20 years.

Over the weekend, we took a day trip to Beijing for sightseeing. Here are Lewis, Mike, Vern Dean and Jeff at the Temple of Heaven.

The inside of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.

Not so many people at the park singing and so on. I think we were there a little too early in the day.

The Bird's Nest stadium is open for tours. Not really a tour. For $6 you can go in, walkaround and sit down. My opinion - skip it.

The locals are fascinated with Lewis. Several times people came up to get their picture taken with him. He thinks it is the goatee. He is fairly tall, also. I know I'm a guy but he doesn't strike me as unusually handsome.

I think it was the next weekend when we toured the Summer Palace. Pretty nice day. A HUGE crowd of people when we were there. Seemed like half of Beijing was there.

This is the infamous Marble Boat.

Later in the day we took the hutong tour near Houhai. Interesting place - this is inside a si he yuan home. This is an antique bed.

Here are a bunch of the pedicabs you can hire for a tours of the hutongs.

One of our drivers.

Here is shot of Houhai at night.

We ate dinner at the restaurant on the left. Kao Rou Ji if I remember correctly.

The place is fairly new. It is called The Place in English. It is an outdoor shopping mall with this HUGE LED display overhead. The scenes change from time to time. We ate dinner there our last night in Beijing.

Here are Vern, David and Jeff.

Another view. It is really impressive.

One of the days I took another trip to PanJiaYuanShiChang. Found several slide rules.

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