Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bird's Nest, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, SSTPC

Right after graduation I left for another trip to China. Here are some sightseeing photos and a few pictures of the SABIC-Sinopec Joint Venture in Dagang.

This is the Bird's Nest stadium at night. Our hotel was nearby and we walked along this area on the way from the subway to the hotel.

After the picture above ended up in the SABIC Branding Guidelines prepared by Lippincott in London, I questioned how that could be since I didn't license it to them. At the end of the day, they agreed to license the picture although they didn't really admit that it was this one. The clincher was the ripples in the water and the hot pixels in the sky in the version above. I cleaned it up for them in the version on the left.

This is the moat around the Forbidden City. This the northeast corner. The weather was pretty nice. Definitely hot but the blue skies are not to be wasted in Beijing.

This is inside the living area of the Forbidden City. I think the building with the dragons on top is an opera stage.

I thought this seal on a wall was interesting. Notice that the dragon has 5 toes. This means that it is an imperial dragon.

The architecture is very interesting, I think.

This is a sedan chair. Took about 8 people to carry it.

An inlaid box in the Forbidden City.

This view (and the next few) are in the ceremonial section of the palace. The building on the horizon just right of center is built on a hill that contains all the dirt from the moat.

One of the main halls that was used for official functions.

Another view. Officials would often fill the plaza for official proclamations from the emperor. Can you imagine the square filled, the emperor appearing and the entire assembly kowtowing?

Notice the figurines on the eaves. The more figurines the more important the building.

A view of the throne inside one of the halls.

Another throne in a different building.

The Chinese have comrade Obama figured out. I hope our country catches on soon.

Later in the afternoon we went to a tea tasting near one of the hutongs. Interesting, about 8 different types of tea were offered for tasting and for sale. Sort of a running joke but in addition to their health benefits, I think about half of them make a man 'strong' - if you know what I mean. The first timers were shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that the tea cups they bought here for 130 RMB could be had for 20 RMB at the Silk Market. The show was worth something, I guess.

Later in the afternoon we went to the Temple of Heaven.

It is a real popular spot for people to gather and indulge in their hobbies.

After the Temple of Heaven we had dinner at a restaurant serving Imperial cuisine.

These are actually some sort of bean curd pastry if I remember correctly.

Fish balls and the fish it came from.

Here they actually prepare the Peking Duck for you. The duck, sauce and vegetables are rolled into a pancake.

This is the administration building at the Sinopec-SABIC Joint Venture company. We will be building a polycarbonate plant here, also.

This is about a 1/3 of the main control room.

One of the units.

Here they are reclaiming land from the sea for another industrial park.

An old ship in the harbor.

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