Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dongjiaominxiang II Update

Former French Legation in Beijing

You may recall a blog posting from last week that led off with this picture of the former French Legation in Beijing. At the time, I indicated that I didn't know how it was currently being used.

Well, it turns out that it has been used for the last 42 years as the home of the former King of Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk. Sihanouk was a good friend of China and was allowed by then Premier Zhou Enlai to stay in the residence on the site after he was deposed in 1970.

This all came to light in newspaper articles published on Monday after Sihanouk passed away. You can learn more (maybe more than you want to know) about Sihanouk and China in this article. --> Sihanouk and China

Here is the original posting in case you missed it. -->  Dongjiaominxiang II

Another topic.

You may recall my interest (maybe obsession) with the source of visitors to the blog. For the longest time I was missing 6 states from completing the milestone of having someone from every state visit the blog. After a drought of 5 months I picked up visitors from New Mexico, Vermont, and Idaho recently. That leaves Delaware, North Dakota and Wyoming on the no show list. If you know anyone in any of those states, please forward the blog URL to them. Thanks.

For the record the blog has had visitors from 88 different countries. The most recent are Algeria and Dominican Republic.

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