Monday, October 1, 2012

Beijing Office and Wangfujing, again

Beijing CBD looking south from Yintai Center

I took the camera to the office on Saturday and took a few pictures in various directions. This is looking due north from the Yintai center Building C where our Beijing office is located. The interesting building on the far right is the CCTV (China Central TV) building.

Beijing skyline looking north west from Yintai
This is looking northwest. Beijing is surrounded by mountains on three sides. This contributes to the pollute air at certain times of the year.  Not the last month - it has been great.

Beijing CBD looking northwest  from Yintai with mountains in background

This is looking west south-west.

Yes, I did say Saturday earlier. Saturday was a work day so that the 4 day holiday this week would become a 5 day holiday. Most businesses are closed Sunday to Sunday.
Beijing looking southwest from Yintai Center with Beijing train station in foreground

This is looking south-west.

Notice the trains on the left. The Beijing train station is here. I think this is the original station. The Beijing South station that services the high speed train is relatively new. Sorry about the reflections.
Beijing skyline looking south from Yintai Center in CBD

This is looking more or less south. The road on the left is 3rd ring road.

No mountains to the south.

The map shows the location. Our apartment is 4 subway stops west.

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Shopping mall on Wangfujing in Beijing

We walked down to the grocery store on Wangfujing one evening. This is the mall above the grocery store. I don't know what the rabbits are about.
Wangfujing street at night

This is just a street scene of Wangfujing. This is several days before the holiday.

A department store.

I've published pictures like these next 2 before but I think these are a little better technically. This is  souvenir shopping area near the snack street.

Some of the stuff for sale.
Seahorses and scorpions in Snack Street in Wangfujing in Beijing

I took another picture of the scorpions and seahorses. I think this one is a little bit better focused.

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