Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dongjiaominxiang II

Former French Legation on Dongjiaominxinag

We took another walk down Dongjiaominxiang last weekend. This time we headed west. This is the site of the former French Embassy. Not sure what it is now.

If you missed the earlier post, click for some background.  Dongjiaominxiang

I posted this picture in the earlier post.

Here is the same wall 2 days later. Almost finished.
St. Michael's Church on Dongjiaominxinag

In some ways this picture sort of sums up the area. This is St Michael's church. An apartment building behind it, storefronts and apartments in front including the little convenience store.

Parking is a challenge in Beijing. Until recently buildings weren't built with parking in mind. This building has gone with a multilevel approach. If you look closely on the upper levels of the close end you can see some car bumpers.
Former Yokohama Specie Bank on Dongjiaominxinag

This is the the former Yokohama Specie Bank.

The building was completed in 1910.

Former National City Bank of New York (Citibank) on Dongjiaominxinag

This is former National City Bank of New York. We know it now as Citibank.

It was constructed in 1914.

Former French Post Office on Dongjiaominxinag

This is site of the former French Post office. It is a Sichuan style restaurant, now.

Just a street scene. The red banners on the door are left over decorations from Chinese New Year, I believe.

People's Supreme Court on the site of th former Russian Legation on Dongjiaominxinag

The building behind the trees is the very modern Chinese People's Supreme Court.

It is on the site of the former Russian Legation.

Park on Zheng Yi Lu in Beijing

This park is very quiet and peaceful. A world away from the hustle and noise of Chang'An Avenue.

It is in the center of the old quarter on Zheng Yi Lu. I imagine the flags are there to acknowledge National Day.

Sculpture of girl playing an instrument in park on Zheng Yi Lu in Beijing

This is one of several sculptures in the park.

Sculpture of girl reading a book in park on Zheng Yi Lu in Beijing

Here is another sculpture.

This link has a lot of interesting history and trivia about the old Legation Quarter of Beijing.

Former Legation Quarter

Nature, other than plants, is hard to find in Beijing. These spiders had quite a web complex set up in the park just out of arms reach from the sidewalk.

Not sure what kind they are.

Beijing Hotel on Chang'An Avenue

Not sure why I keep posting pictures of this hotel. I guess I'm fascinated by its place in history with the photograph of the Tian'anmen troubles back in 1989.

Click here for more info in an earlier blog posting.  Scroll to the bottom. Beijing Hotel

If you were wondering what ever happened to Lurch. I spotted him on Wangfujing the other night.

Apparently he has adopted a Rastafarian lifestyle.

This guy definitely stood out in the crowd.

Crowd scene on Snack Street at Wangfujing in Beijing

One more picture from Snack Street.

Sort of hard to tell but this is one of the side streets with the small restaurants along the sides. I have no idea what the banners say but I imagine the proclaim the restaurant name or their specialty.

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