Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Decorations in Beijing

Christmas decorations are more and more popular in Beijing. Every self-respecting shopping mall and hotel will have decorations. This picture is the outside of the apartment building where we stay. The apartments are part of the China World complex which chose purple as the theme this year.

This is the main shopping mall entrance. Most people use the office building entrances  or the subway to enter the mall.

Here is a link to last years decorations. --> 2013 Decorations I guess purple was a theme last year, also.

A little different theme across the street. This is the Yintai Center. My office is located here. Of course there is a shopping mall associated with the office building. Click to read the logos.

2012 Decorations 1
2012 Decorations 2
2012 Decorations 3

The decorations are distinctly secular. You'll have to find a church to see a creche.  This display has Louis Vuitton's name on it.

I have to say that I have heard hymns as background music in malls. I imagine the meaning is lost on most casual listeners whose English is weak.

This is the front interest of the very tall building in the background of the picture above. Again, part of the same complex.

This is the lobby of our apartment complex.

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