Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sanya - China's Hawaii - Day 2

I guess this is actually day 3. We spent all of day 2 in a training session. On Saturday we headed off to the Haitian Fairyland Torrid Zone Paradise. That is quite a name. I'm not sure if there is a better translation for Fairyland but Torrid Zone Paradise can be thought of as Tropical Paradise.

It is a large new park near Sanya. Did you count the toes on the dragon sculpture? Five means that it is an Imperial dragon. Doesn't really mean much for a new sculpture like this.

I really like the shape of this tree.

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This gentleman was sketching the scenery. Particularly the cable bridge in the background and the roof line of some cottages near the bridge.

We took a walk across the  bridge. It was pretty stable even with a number of people on it.

This is my colleague and friend Jia Wei and his wife.

I've commented and posted on the wedding photographers before. There were several in the park this day.

In China wedding pictures are generally taken months before the wedding. Basically all the dresses and props are provided by the wedding arranger company and the photographer.

This guy is dressed up as the Monkey King. The Monkey King is the central figure in a classic Chinese novel titled Journey to the West. You could pose for pictures with him. We passed.

I have no idea what these flowers are called but I thought they were beautiful.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a small grocery/fruit market. Some of the folks wanted to get some fruit for a snack later. I see papaya, mango, dragon fruit, banana, pomelo and watermelon.

When we got back to the hotel some of the people in our group decided  a beach volleyball match was in order.

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This is a shot of the main pool at the hotel at night.

Here is a link to Sanya - Day 1 pictures in case you missed them.

Sanya - Day 1

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