Friday, December 19, 2014

The Fabric Market

Margot wanted to buy some sequins for a table cloth project so we headed off to the fabric market near Dahongmen. There were many choices but the only problem is that the package sizes are huge. She can probably make 50 table cloths. Get your order in.

Must of the shops seem to specialize in cloth or fur. If you need material for a fur border on the hood of a coat or for an entire coat this is the place to get it.

Here is a wider view of this street. The whole area must be about 3 or 4 blocks square and we didn't go across the street. The fur is on this street.

The fake fur is on this street.

Not sure but this might be the fuzzy fabric street.

On the way back we ran into this character doing some kind of promotion in the shopping mall.

This was his partner in promotion.

Click to enlarge to read the sign and see what they are promoting.

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